Novelettes & Novellas

All stories are trans romances with all nonbinary leads and explicit sexual content.

Sugar and Spice (A Very Enby Christmas #1)released Oct 2020

Mason attempts to bake gluten-free cookies for their new crush Natalie. When it goes very wrong, can they still win Natalie’s heart?

The First Noel (A Very Enby Christmas #2) released Nov 2020

It’s their first holiday season together as datemates, and they’re both a bit nervous. There’s nothing about Christmas that Markus doesn’t love, while Devon’s a bit of a Scrooge. Can they find a way through the dizzying Christmas season together?

Secret Santa (A Very Enby Christmas #3) released Dec 2020

Sage and Dove decide to celebrate Christmas by dusting off their rusty threesome skills again. But when the event doesn’t go quite as planned, can they find the Christmas spirit again?

Principled Perversions (A Lavender Dreams Story) – releases Feb 2021

Kai and Esther are college classmates with a shared affinity for queer studies. When these sex-nerds-in-training discover their mutual interest in the new local swinger’s club, it makes sense to go explore it together. Purely for educational purposes. That’s definitely all it’s about. 

The Swinger Set (A Lavender Dreams Story) – released Mar 2021

Ell and Mazzi have greatly enjoyed their very private, very kinky sex life together.  But it’s one thing to set up the most sophisticated restraints or endure the most intense pain in the comfort of their bedroom. It’s a different thing to put themselves out there and try the local swinger’s club.

Dream Dungeon (A Lavender Dreams Story) – released May 2021

When Joey and Carol nostalgically revisit their old swinging ways, they discover the local club offers an actual dungeon with willing instructors, and things get very hot and very complicated very quickly.