Feb 2023 – I’m currently working on the next draft of my full length PNR novel! Can’t wait to share it with you soon!

About the Author

Eli Wray is managing the existential anxiety of late stage capitalist empire by expanding the existence of trans and nonbinary folks in the genre that specializes in love and happy endings. Because trans and nonbinary folks deserve love and happiness. They publish short stories and novellas ranging from fluff to kink to PNR. All stories feature at least one nonbinary lead, with a focus on how varied and diverse enbies are as people.

Wray also likes rasslin and comic books.

They live in a southern U.S. swamp with their adored polycule and two dogs who are best friends with everyone they’ve ever met.

Help pay Eli’s bills so they can write more trans stories! Funds for lights, dog food and tea accepted here–

Venmo: eli-wray616