Debut novel coming 2021:

Val is a dapper and dependable community organizer. They are also the reason a certain little band of gender refugees has found each other, to travel the galaxy looking for a suitable home. It’s been a long journey, but Val is committed to everyone feeling safe and cared for.

Amite is in need of a new life, and a better shade of lipstick. When she hitches a ride off-world with some generous, high-minded utopians who happen to be traveling by, she finds more than she bargained for.

Val doesn’t like to start a relationship unless it’s sturdy, reliable and well-planned. Amite isn’t sure what she’s looking for, but being tied down definitely isn’t it. When Val and Amite begin to mean a great deal to each other, neither one knows what to do. The entanglements only tangle further when it seems that the community might have finally found a new home…

This book includes:

  • 100% trans cast 
  • Normalized nonbinariness
  • Hopeful, uplifting trans love story
  • Found family
  • Polyamory for just about everybody 
  • Hot fat sex
  • … and that might be a space whale off in the distance there

Title and Cover Reveal Spring 2021!